Hot Mess Moms: On the brink of teenage-hood May 08, 2018

When I brought my little ginger home over a decade ago, I never imagined that I could one day learn to ignore some wonderful phrases like “You ruin my life,” and my favorite, “Our lives are so boring, my dreams are boring!”

My oldest is now eleven and she has taught me a few things: that I owe my mother a HUGE apology for being such a beast AND that i have no idea how to raise a child that is on the brink of teenage-hood.  We’re at this weird stage where she is constantly complaining (loudly) saying we NEVER do anything fun - all of her friends do fun things with their parents - but not her! When I ask what she wants to do, so I can  plan a day, she says “You’re the mom, it’s your job to figure out stuff to do!” 

To paint a picture for you, at 5'4" she is taller than me, and she’ll throw hissy fits and and stomp her feet. Now, seeing someone that looks like a young adult stomping their feet and yelling incoherent things makes me laugh every.single.time.  I know it’s wrong, and I’m weak, but I laugh and cannot reprimand her because I’m laughing too hard.

I had my girls eleven years apart because I could never picture myself with two teeny humans running around.  Instead I have one teeny tiny human crawling around, and one big human stomping and yelling.

Now I'm stuck on this burning bus heading straight to teenage land, with a brief pit-stop in toddler paradise (HA HA).  Anyone else have a preteen?  How are you surviving?