Hot Mess Moms: The Dreaded Baby Book Apr 23, 2018 1 Comment

At my first baby shower, my lovely friend Jess of the incredible Purposeful Nomad gave me the wise and beautiful gift of a baby book. As a first-time mom who had a true twelve-week maternity leave, I got off on the right foot, and had a great time meticulously recording her weight and length, making her footprint, and zestfully preparing to cherish every "special moment." 

Rorie's massive book

I am infinitely grateful to have those memories, but also didn't realize that I was setting myself up for one of many parenting pratfalls to come: baby number two is now twenty-seven months old and (gasp) NO BABY BOOK! Or rather, I own one, at it's cute but...there is noooothing in it. Now, I am preeeeety good at saying eff it and moving along, and if I had never made a baby book for Aurora, I probably wouldn't think for a second about not having one for Freya, but  I absolutely cannot live with myself if I don't demonstrate to Freya that I treasure her "firsts" just as much as her sister's, even if they weren't MY firsts anymore! 

But, I'm a hot mess. I know I have records that show her birth weight...but where? I know at some point she got her first tooth...but when? And most of all how the hell will I find the time to locate those resources, find a scrapbook I love, and fill in all those little blanks, each one left empty to stand as proof that I'm a terrible mom who doesn't truly value her second-born daughter? Thankfully necessity and desperation are the mother of Etsy...isn't that the saying?

Freya's Keepsake Box

Because the internet is merciful, and Etsy is my personal savior, on my first search I discovered a Bulgarian scrapbooking artist who creates incredible custom books for baby that are so personal and have JUST the right amount of spaces for me to fill in...and most of them are just photos. You're welcome. 

Empty Baby Book

So I looked at what I actually HAD photos of (gosh darn it if that first tooth wasn't in there! Thank you Milestone Baby Cards!) and selected photo page titles that were meaningful to me and Yan. I was also able to choose the theme I wanted, so I picked Freya's favorite Russian-language cartoon, the beautifully animated Soviet-era Winnie-the-Pooh. I cannot WAIT to see how this looks, and I'll share it with all of you. 

So now YOU tell me-did you just release the guilt, pour another cup of coffee and move on with your life? Did you find another awesome shortcut? Or did you somehow, SOMEHOW maintain those insane first-time-mom standards with your other babes?