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Toddler Design Autonomy + Basket Link Roundup April 13, 2018 00:40

We're moving soon, to an as-yet-undetermined location, and I'm dealing with it by fixating on a minute detail: I can't decide whether or not to let Freya decorate her hypothetical new room herself. I don't mean the physical labor obviously. I mean choosing the color palette, or patterns or...nothing because she really doesn't care? To put things in perspective, she is 27 months old and when I show her three things and ask her which one she prefers the answer is always "yes" accompanied by a chubby little finger jabbing randomly toward all the choices in turn.


So my question for been-there-done-that moms is, what did YOU do? Should I walk through a little decision tree with her, offering her no more than two options at a time, or just suit myself and perhaps let her choose a piece of art at the end? I'd love your input, tribe. 

In the meantime, I am gathering "inspo" and I can't stop bookmarking baskets on Instagram. I discovered a great resource, Swahili Modern. They are a fair trade company dealing directly with artisans from multiple regions, and their selection is beautiful and varied. I also am obsessed with Charlie Sprout. The question is, am I cool enough to make this much color work in my totally unknown new home?

And finally, here is a beautifully curated basket roundup from Lewis. I dare you not to imagine a whole room designed around their beautiful bedding. Happy browsing!

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