Basic Black Pant


$ 34.00 $ 57.00

Not so basic after all. Casual pant with sketched diamond motif at on front and back.
This pant has side pockets and the elastic waistband is adjustable with a cotton cord belt.

100% Organic cotton french terry.

From the designer:

nadadelazos was born in 2010 in the hands of the german designer based in Madrid, Kristina Laux. Since 2013 Kristina and Roberto Visús are the owners.

Our idea is dressing  real children as authentic and real children. We make garments with very distinctive designs and with spacious and comfortable patterns, that facilitate moving freely, with colors and motives that help the children to live their worlds of fantasy, color and adventure.

In nadadelazos, we believe that the reality of our children is "their reality" and not ours. The reality of our children is a world of new emotions, a world of fun, joy and smiles and also of childish tantrums, sulking and anger. A new world full of feelings and perceptions running high. We are aware that it is in all probability the happiest time in life and that leaves a mark in what we will be in the future. Let kids get dirty,  trampling puddles; splashing; investigating and, ultimately, to be free and to be free also in your imagination and fantasies; and thus also help to develop their imagination and creativity.

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