Grid Bonnet

Briar Handmade

$ 32.00

It’s hip to be square in the modern Grid bonnet, a classic wardrobe addition throughout the seasons.

Baby bonnet composed of handwoven 100% cotton and lined with super soft organic cotton, we only use the best for this simple necessity.

Take care: Bonnets should machine wash cold hand-wash/delicate cycle, tumble dry low. Remove promptly, iron if necessary. Do not bleach or use oxidizing agents.

This fabric is made in collaboration with Muny, who work with artisan groups in India that weave fabrics on wooden handlooms. The lovely texture is due to the inherent nature of khadi, which is a term used for fabrics that are handspun and handwoven. Khadi is known for its rugged texture, comfortable feel, and ability to keep people warm in winter and cool in summer making it a beautiful and practical choice for babies’ heads year round. 

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