Registry Services

Quick Start: In a hurry? We understand! The easiest way to get started is to find a product you want to add to your registry or wishlist and lick the "add to registry" or "add to wishlist" button next to it. If you don't have an account set up yet, you'll be guided through the process. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to call me at (617)571-0878.

What's the difference between the registry and the wishlist? If you choose to set up a registry, you'll need to set an end date (close to the date of your event). The benefits of a registry include a one-time 15% completion discount when you buy anything you want off your registry after your event is over, as well as the automatic tracking of gifts. This means when someone buys something off of your registry, your registry will be updated to reflect that gift, to prevent duplicate gifts. A wishlist is more casual and flexible-you don't need to set any end date, but you will be responsible for updating it yourself-in other words if someone else buys something for you off of the wishlist, your wishlist won't be updated to reflect that.

Details: I know many parents receive some of their most treasured baby products as gifts from friends at their showers or sprinkles (a sprinkle is what some people call a celebration of a subsequent pregnancy). Consequently, it is my pleasure to offer registry options and consultation services. It can be really tough to find products for your registry that reflect your values. I am here to help you with information about the sourcing and materials of all my products, for happy parents, cheerful babies, and a beautiful blue planet. I also support my registry clients with two hours of complimentary nursery consultation services. 

l will advise you on creating a special collection online of all the products you love, and make it simple for your friends and family to follow a link and shop for you. We can also provide gift-wrapping services and day-of-shower delivery for local showers as a convenience for gift-givers. We'd love to tell you more, and be a resource as you sort our your needs and wants while you prepare for the arrival of your precious bundle. 

Additionally I would love for you to consider making your shower a Cradles to Crayons shower, and giving your guests the opportunity to honor you and your baby with gifts that support children in need. If you choose to have a C2C shower, I will help you plan and facilitate the charitable aspect of your shower, and it will also be my pleasure to offer you my event planning support for as many other aspects of your shower as you wish, at no additional charge. 

Email me at or call me at (617)571-0878 and let's get started!


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