Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Toys

Under the Nile

$ 14.00

One of our all-time best sellers! Fun to play with, while at the same time teaching kids to have a positive attitude towards veggies. Veggies made and stuffed with the finest 100% organic Egyptian cotton. Washing instructions: Veggies are machine wash only. Tumble dry until toy is completely dry. Do not immerse in water and leave out to dry. All dyes are low-impact, metal-free dyes.

The mixed produce crate and fruit totes comes with three fruits and vegetables included.

Under the Nile uses not only the finest GOTS certified organic cotton, but also works with a wonderful organization, Sekem, that ensures the highest ethical production and fair trade standards. 


Pro Tip* Place a bath towel in the dryer with the toy to dry faster.



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