Furry Striped Pants

Mademoiselle a Soho

$ 31.00 $ 52.00

These cute drop-crotch pants are made of the coziest, furriest faux fur imaginable. Irresistibly soft and stylish. Super stretchy waist and two back pockets.

When designer Alexana B. arrived in NY with her family of 5, she felt it was time to start a new story, that would combine French elegance, American comfort and Romanian man-craft: Mademoiselle à Soho was born in 2010. MàS never follows trends, and the inspiration comes from the energy of visited places, people met. Each collection is a balance between tailored and cool, simple but in a fashionable way, with a touch of humor. 

The line is produced in Romania, on a limited scale in a family owned sewing atelier. The natural fabrics are made in Europe and handcrafted with care for a high quality children clothing design. Most of the knits are hand made by passionate grannies, every piece has its story. They meticulously select their italian yarns for a chic and authentic clothing.

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