Hot Pink Velour Booties


$ 21.00

Zutano velour booties for baby are are like no other! With a unique two-snap design and contrasting lining, not only do they look great but they stay on baby's feet until you decide to take them off. The hot pink booties are soft to the touch and warm on your little ones feet. They pair perfectly with any of our other Zutano velour pieces and are compliment any holiday outfit. 80/20% cotton and polyester blend. 100% cotton lining. Imported.

Zutano is a family-run business founded and based in Cabot, Vermont. Not only does Zutano support initiatives in the United States and abroad that help children and families, but the company follows these family-centric values itself with an innovative Baby-to-Work program for it's employees, as well as a commitment to crafting all it's styles at a small multi-generational family-owned factory in Macau.

Size Guide:

3 months : 0-3 months : up to 3.5"

6 months : 0-6 months : 4"

12 months : 6-12 months : 4.5"

18 months : 12-18 months : 5"

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