Jeans Twirl Dress


$ 48.00

The Jeans Twirl Dress is made from soft organic cotton. Featuring press buttons along the back.

Monkind Berlin's beautiful Spring/Summer 17 collection is called Bitter Oranges, and is loosely inspired by Captain Cook's Journal from his first voyage around the world, and the way the world is always new when seen through the eyes of a child.

Monkind uses the finest, locally sourced organic fabrics and manufacturers with GOTS certified partners just a stone's throw away from their home in Berlin and within the EU. They offer stylish, uncomplicated and mostly unisex children's clothes.

Size Guide:

0-3 Months = 50/56 Euro

3-6 Months = 65/68 Euro 

6-12 Months = 74/80 Euro

1-2 Years = 80/86 Euro

2-3 Years = 92/98 Euro

3-4 Years = 104/110 Euro

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