Nixie Dress


$ 45.00

Sleeveless dress with delicate slip covering a black & white stripe pattern.  Dress is made of 100% organic cotton with accent pocket with handmade lace. 


The beautiful texture of Chakra's soft, light garments is achieved by handweaving 100% organic cotton fibers. This makes the fabrics comfortable, more so with every wash. The simple design elements woven into the fabrics are made into the garment using a traditional jamdani technique, and the printed designs are made using traditional kalamkari printing in inks naturally derived from leaves, bark and flowers. (We're happy to let you know the compositions of the individual inks-just drop us a line if you're interested to know more.)

From beginning to end, Chakra garments are made in a way that honors and respects the earth and traditions of handcraft.
Garment care: gentle care is recommended for these special garments. For best results, hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent, and hang dry in the shade (in particular the indigo, which can fade in the sun). A little care will reward you with generations of beautiful wear.

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